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Whether practicing dry-fire drills or engaging in scenario-based firearms training, you must be certain that your handgun is free of live ammunition. Too many accidental deaths and injuries have resulted from handguns which were thought to contain no live ammo. Realizing the necessity for an easily recognizable way of making your handgun safe for practice, Bennie Cooley invented the Safety Magazine.

Cooley is an internationally-renowned law enforcement and military trainer, and a professional shooter. His extensive background and hands-on experience with firearms has resulted in a superior knowledge base of methods that really work. Cooley's Safety Magazine is just one example of his innovative firearms accessories.

Each Safety Magazine is fully weighted to mimic the feel of a live magazine. After clearing the chamber of live ammunition, insert the Safety Magazine into the handgun and a live magazine cannot be mistakenly inserted. In addition to ensuring a safe condition at a glance, Cooley's insert blue Safety Magazine enhances your dry-fire practice and training drills by providing the realistic feel of a fully-loaded handgun, while preventing damage to your high-priced magazines.



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